Creating Righteous Rosey Intentional Jewelry is an active meditation. Through Divine inspiration & creativity, mysteries are revealed. Spoken to us in both gentle whispers & powerful exultations, we listen. Then we get to work as conduits for the sacred narrative that is asking to be told through each piece.

By using semiprecious stone, crystal beads & points, sea shells, bone, antler, seeds, wood, ceramics, we call to the vibrations of Earth Her Body. We advocate for the healing properties of such items worn as jewelry & an individual's connection to all of Creation.

The powerful centerpieces & pendants that illuminate Righteous Rosey jewelry are  handmade. They include pewter bezeled ceramic centers & pendants, sacred imagery, horns, crystal points & precious stones that have been soldered for our one of a kind pieces.  

After we have laid out our designs, largely, our intentional jewelry is created on handmade chain or knotted cordage that we loop, connect or tie ourselves.

Our work is celebrated further by using different names of the Goddess & faces of Divinity. These names are a reflection of the symbolic components & embellishments that we use or comb our sources to find. The energy & intention with with which they are created is palpable.

Righteous Rosey intentional jewelry is as aesthetically pleasing as it is powerful & often it can be said that our jewelry & rosaries choose you, the wearer. You wear your ritual. You are the spell. The jewelry is mystical in that way...curious, untamed & righteous. This is empowering & healing for many as they re-claim, rewrite & re-right their own personal narrative & relationship with the Divine.

Our process & the alchemy of our love is present in every Righteous Rosey creation. It is our heart's desire that your Righteous Rosey adornments serve & bless you throughout all time.