Guardian Spirits protect your inner forest, where the lush & loamy earth breathes. All the tigers have been charmed & rest quietly now. Trust that The Queen makes the jungle within your heart safe & you may set about collecting the honey. Explore the beauty & sweetness that dwell in the fresh green newness & golden light. Multicolored & sparkling faceted tourmaline lay in a harmonious pattern, each one transitioning into another in earthly tones. Tourmaline heals the heart allowing you to know when Love is whole. Dewy passions awaken. Hematite arrows guide & safeguard you along your journey. A 24K gold plated, crescent moon reminds you of the waning past & the waxing future.

measures 21" round with a 1.5 " moon pendent drop

adjustable chain allows for lengthening by 2 additional inches

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